GPSC Dental Surgeon Syllabus 2022, Selection Procedure & Exam Pattern

Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC) has published a syllabus for the post of Dental Surgeon. Here candidates will get GPSC Dental Surgeon Syllabus, Exam Pattern, and Selection Procedure 2022.

GPSC Dental Surgeon Syllabus Details 2022

Recruitment Board Gujarat Public Service Commission
Post Name Dental Surgeon

Dental Surgeon Selection Procedure 2022

  • Written Exam
  • Interview
  • Document Verification

Dental Surgeon Exam Pattern 2022

Paper Subject Marks Duration
Part-A General Studies 100 2 Hours
Part-B Concerned Subjects 200

Gujarat PSC Dental Surgeon Exam Syllabus 2022

General Studies

  • Current Affairs
  • Indian Economy and Planning
  • Indian Polity and the Constitution of India
  • History of India with special reference to Gujarat
  • Geography of India
  • The cultural heritage of India-Literature
  • General Mental Ability
  • General Science

General Human anatomy including Embryology, Osteology and Histology

  • Introduction,
  • Detailed Anatomy and osteology of Head and Neck,
  • Jaws,
  • Tongue,
  • Palates,
  • Salivary glands,
  • pharyngeal arches and pouches lymphatic and blood vessel system,
  • G.I system,
  • Par nasal air sinuses,
  • Gross Anatomy of the brain.
  • Gross Anatomy of Thorax,
  • Abdomen and Extremities,
  • Embryology of Head,
  • Neck with emphasis on development of face.

Human Physiology

  • General Physiology,
  • Body temperature and Functions of skin,
  • Endocrinology,
  • Reproduction,
  • Cardio vascular system,
  • Respiratory system,
  • Central nervous system,
  • Blood,
  • Muscle and Nerve,
  • Digestive system,
  • Excretory system,
  • Special senses.

Biochemistry and Nutrition

  • Biochemical genetics and Protein synthesis,
  • Enzyme and Metabolic regulation,
  • Structural Components and Blood proteins,
  • Chemistry of Bioorganic molecules,
  • Special aspects of Metabolism,
  • Medical Biochemistry.
  • Macronutrients and digestion,
  • Micronutrients,
  • Energy Metabolism,

Dental Anatomy, Embryology and Oral histology

  • Oral embryology,
  • Oral Histology,
  • Tooth Morphology,
  • Oral Physiology

General Pathology

  • Introduction to Pathology,
  • Etiology and Pathogenesis of Disease,
  • Inflammation,
  • Healing.
  • Terminologies,
  • Cell in health,
  • Normal cell structure,
  • Cellular functions,


  • Mycology,
  • Parasitology
  • Basic knowledge of selection,
  • Collection,
  • Transport,
  • Brief account of Culture media and Culture techniques,
  • Immunology,
  • Systematic bacteriology,
  • Virology,.
  • Processing of clinical,
  • Specimen and identification of bacteria,
  • Bacterial Genetics and Drug Resistance in bacteria,
  • Introduction,
  • Scope,
  • Aims and Objectives,
  • Morphology,
  • Physiology of bacteria,
  • Detail account of Sterilization and Disinfection,

General and Dental Pharmacology and Therapeutics

  • General Pharmacology,
  • Disclosing agents,
  • Dentifrices,
  • Mouth washes,
  • Caries and fluorides,
  • Anti-septic’s,
  • Astringents,
  • Obtundents,
  • Mummifying agents,
  • Bleaching agents,
  • Styptics,
  • Pharmacotherapy of common oral conditions in dentistry.

Dental Materials

  • Dental casting investments,
  • Soldering, Brazing and Welding,
  • Dental cements,
  • Biological consideration in use of Dental materials,
  • Gypsum and Gypsum products,
  • Impression materials used in Dentistry,
  • Synthetic resins used in Dentistry,
  • Metal and Alloys,
  • Dental waxes including inlay casting wax,
  • Abrasion and polishing agents,
  • Die and counter die materials including electroforming and electro polishing,
  • Dental implants, Mechanics of cutting.
  • Structure of matter and Principles of Adhesion,
  • Important Physical properties applicable to Dental materials,

Oral Pathology and Oral Microbiology

  • Cysts of the Oral &Perioral region,
  • Tumors of the Oral Cavity,
  • Traumatic,
  • Reactive & Regressive lesions of Oral Cavity,
  • Non neoplastic Salivary Oland Diseases,
  • Systemic Diseases involving Oral cavity,
  • Mucocutaneous Lesions,
  • Diseases of the Nerves,
  • Pigmentation of -Oral & Perioral region &Discoloration of teeth,
  • Diseases of Maxillary Sinus.
  • Developmental disturbances of teeth,
  • Jaws and soft tissues of oral &perioral region,
  • Dental Caries,
  • Pulp &Periapical Pathology & Osteomyelitis,
  • Periodontal Diseases,
  • Microbial infections of oral soft tissues,
  • Common non- inflammatory diseases,
  • Involving the jaws,
  • Diseases of TM Joint,

General Medicine

  • Nutrition,
  • Infections,
  • Endocrines,
  • Critical care.
  • G.I.T,
  • CVS, RS, H
  • Ematology,
  • Renal system,
  • CNS.

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Gujarat PSC Dental Surgeon Syllabus 2022 FAQ

How to download GPSC Dental Surgeon Syllabus 2022 in PDF format?

To download GPSC Dental Surgeon Syllabus 2022, We have provided the direct link above. From where candidates can download the syllabus in PDF format.

What are the various subject I need to cover to clear GPSC Dental Surgeon Exam 2022?

To clear GPSC Dental Surgeon Exam 2022, candidates need to study various subjects like General Studies and Concerned Subjects.

What is the selection procedure for GPSC Dental Surgeon Exam 2022?

There are total 3 stages, Written Exam, Interview and Document Verification.

How many marks are there in GPSC Dental Surgeon Exam 2022?

There are total 300 marks in GPSC Dental Surgeon Exam 2022.

How much time allocated for GPSC Dental Surgeon Exam 2022?

Total 2 Hours allocated for GPSC Dental Surgeon Exam 2022.

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